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Is it time for your area rug to be cleaned?

Try one of these simple tests to find out:

1. Genie Rub: Rub your palm on the rug for a few seconds. If your palm
is dirty, then the rug should be cleaned.
2. Smell Test: Simply smell it. If you detect a foul odor, it’s time
to have it cleaned.
3. The Pigpen: Lift a rug corner and vigorously shake it up and down
several times. If a dust cloud forms, it is definitely time for a cleaning.
4. The Fold: With the rug facing up, fold a corner of the rug back,
away from the pile, to expose the base of the fibers. If dirt is visible
deep in the pile, it’s cleaning time.

The general rule of thumb regarding Area Rug cleaning is to have rugs
cleaned every 1-3 years depending on a variety of factors including how
much traffic the rug gets, whether or not there are pets, smokers, and/or
people with respiratory illnesses in your home or office. Never hesitate
to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the cleaning of your
area rugs.

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