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Did you know that curtains and drapes do differ? Curtains tend to be colorful, unlined, and usually made with a sheer or lightweight fabric. Drapes are heavier fabric, usually with a lining, and they are designed to block out light or retain heat in a room.   Both curtains and drapes require cleaning approximately every 5 years due to stains that can oxidize and permanently discolor fabric over time. Exposure to sunlight, dust, smoke, humidity, soot, and oily particles can shorten the life of your window treatments and, if not removed, can contribute to air contamination in your home or office.

  1. How should I clean my curtains?

    The correct answer depends on fabric type, while you can check the manufacturers instructions, most manufacturers list dry clean only because it is causes the least shrinkage….Most curtains will not respond well to washing them at home. They need traditional dry cleaning to help prevent shrinkage and fabric damage.

  2. What about other fabrics types-natural fibers such as cotton, wool?

    Unlike clothing fabric, most drapery fabric is not designed to be washed. Washing draperies will cause fabric damage, shrinkage and shorten the lifespan of your drapes. While we know it sounds cocky, but only dry cleaning can guarantee no shrinkage and no fabric damage. When it comes to cleaning your delicate drapes.

    cleaning drapes

  3. How often should I clean my drapes?

    That all depends on your facility. Here is a basic cleaning schedule:

    Once a year: Homes (sensitive to dust), Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Nursing Homes
    Once Every Three Years: Homes, Golf Courses, Universities, Funeral Homes, Retirement Homes, Resorts
    Once Every Five Years: Theaters, Schools

  4. Why should I clean my drapes?

    All Drapes, Curtains and Blinds are filters absorbing airborne pollutants, dust and allergens due to constant airflow. This creates a fertile environment for dust mites and other harmful organisms for infectious disease transmission. Embedded dirt and moisture combine with sunlight to produce dry rot. Fumes from furnaces and fireplaces and food odors contain airborne chemicals which oxidize to form a mild acid when combined with Oxygen & Moisture. Even drapes not visibly dirty require regular cleaning to prolong their lifespan. Without cleaning, the lifespan of your drapes is shortened considerably.

  5. How do I remove allergens from my drapes? How do clean drapes & curtains improve my indoor air quality?

    All Drapes, Curtains and Blinds are filters absorbing airborne pollutants, dust and allergens due to constant airflow. Drapery cleaning removes dust & allergens and can have an immediate impact on improving air quality.

  6. Can’t I just vacuum them myself?

    Vacuums can remove surface dust, but will not remove embedded dust, especially up behind in the pleats where the majority of the dust accumulates. In addition, the brush of the vacuum will spread and embed surface dust deeper in the fabric, and may leave dirty streaks on fabric.

  7. Do you clean them on while they hang on the window?

    No, doing so does not remove embedded dust, especially where dust accumulates most, up in behind the pleats. Many carpet cleaners have modified units which can do drapes, but they simply spray chemicals on them, and vacuum them out. These wet and dry cleaning chemicals will distort the fabric fibers and embed grime deep into the fabric fibers.

    In addition, be careful who you hire, cleaning drapes in this method is time consuming, so often the demonstration or first drape looks much better than the ones done at the end of the day!

    Bottom line, without removing the drapes, you cannot clean them thoroughly.

  8. How do you protect from shrinkage?

    Fabrics shrink when exposed to liquids. Since we don`t use any liquids, our process does not shrink fabrics.

Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners has the expertise and experience to clean and revive your window treatments.   We offer free pick-up and delivery for curtains and drapes that are already taken down, or we offer a take-down and re-hang service for a fee.

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