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Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners is a BBB Accredited Dry Cleaner in Glyndon, MD

Our Services

Sending your rugs to Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners means they will undergo a rigorous 5-step cleaning process where they will be:

  1. Photographed
  2. Inspected
  3. Tested and Cleaned
  4. Finished
  5. Packaged.

We also offer a variety of tailored rug cleaning and storage services including the following:

Area Rug Cleaning

At Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners, we understand oriental and area rugs can be expensive investments that, unlike regular carpets and upholstery, can last up to 150 years or more with proper care and attention. That’s why we ensure your oriental and area rugs are carefully treated by certified, trained, area rug specialists. They combine Old World craftsmanship, new technology, and powerful, yet gentle cleaning solutions. It’s a delicate, yet effective, way to care for your investment textiles… more >

Deodorizing & Sanitizing

Life gets Messy!  That’s where Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners steps in to help clean things up.  We will turn an unhappy area rug that has been spit up on one too many times by one too many babies, or one that has had water damage from a broken pipe, into an area rug that is happy and ready for another round of whatever life throws, spills, or drools on it.  Unwanted bacteria and germs hide in rug fibers.  Deodorizing and sanitizing an area rug protects your loved ones and keeps your rug performing its best… more >

Stain Removal

A stain on the fibers of a rug is just like that on an article of clothing – you want to try to remove it as quickly as possible before it penetrates into the fibers or fabric too deeply. Unless you are attempting a nouveau art piece entitled “merlot colored roses on cream silk rug”, you need to take quick action. Always blot – never rub – a stain. Use a white cotton rag – a colored rag may bleed onto the rug when dampened. If you have spot cleaning carpet solution that you have tested before and have been successful… more>

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

For many families, their pets are a vital part of their family unit.  They play with us, they keep us company when we are down, and they help to warn us when the Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners truck is coming up the driveway.  But just like all of us, sometimes our pets have bad days and accidents happen.  When those accidents involve urine, the Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners truck is just what you’ll want to see coming up the driveway because we can help erase those unwanted odors… more >

Stain Protection

You take pride in the appearance of your area rugs! After all, they say a lot about you. Your area rugs are a crucial part of your indoor space.   Their color, style, condition, and cleanliness project an image of you and your family.  Protecting your area rugs can go far when desiring to make a good impression, and will save you time and hassle in the long run. Area rug protectants provide more resistance to soils, spots, and stains, providing you with the following benefits.. more >

Moth & Insect Control

Moths and carpet beetles are a major concern when found in wool rugs. The damage is done when the insect is in the larvae stage. The larvae feed on proteins in the rug (wool, silk, animal hair) until maturity, at which point they will remain in the same area and lay more eggs in the rug, which results in a continuous cycle of damage. A product is available that acts as a deterrent to these insects and actually makes the rug bitter to their taste. This process is very important before storing rugs… more >

Fringe Cleaning & Restoration

Fringe cleaning and restoration will help retain the value of your fine rugs and keep them extra happy. Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners can help brighten fringe, correct fringe that has been subjected to area rug bleeding from previous cleanings, water damage and/or urine deposits, and often times can return the fibers to their original state… more >

Additional Services

Fine area rugs not only add beauty to our homes, but also to our places of business and pleasure. The addition of area rugs to most facilities makes the statement of elegance and warmth. Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners is established as the company to turn to in Baltimore for exceptional service and care of area rugs for local hospitality, professional, entertainment, and educational buildings… more >


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