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Sheep and lambs on pasture

Sounds crazy coming from a dry cleaner, right? Your wool sweaters need TLC, but maybe not as much as you thought. Wool is a renewable and natural fiber source since sheep produce new fleece every year. Wool has a natural protective layer that prevents stains from being absorbed, although wool does absorb moisture vapor and sweat next to the skin which makes it a very breathable fabric. In addition, wool is static-resistant and very durable – the fibers are naturally elastic, so wool tends to stretch when worn, but quickly returns to its natural shape, ensuring less sagging.

Because of wool’s natural properties, it doesn’t need to be cleaned as frequently as some fabrics. The general rule of thumb with wool sweaters is to have them cleaned after being worn 5 times. Dry cleaning wool is always recommended – machine washing wool can damage the fibers. Be sure to always fold, never hang, your wool sweaters.