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With summer quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to switch out those heavy cable knit sweaters, cozy cardigans and the other winter wear currently hanging up, and instead replace them with your lighter and brighter spring and summer clothes.

Switching out your wardrobe is a logical step for many and helps to keep homes organized and efficient. Not only does the switch help you to maximize your closet space, it also makes selecting outfits a much more efficient process. Winter options, which certainly would not be comfortable to wear in the summertime, don’t have to be uselessly sifted through.

However, before you store your winter clothes away for the summer, you may want to consider dry cleaning them first. Here are just some of the benefits of finding a trustworthy dry cleaning service in Dallas, TX to dry clean your clothes before you stow them away for an entire season:

Your clothes will have a fresh smell

There is probably nothing less appealing than opening a bag or box of stored clothes, only for them to smell musty. Instead of having to wash your clothes immediately after opening them next winter in order to eliminate the smell of must, you can dry clean your winter wardrobe prior to storing it. This will ensure a fresh, clean smell.

You will ensure that your clothes are bug-free

winter clothes

Often, as they provide a warm location, stored clothes can become a home for stray insects and bugs. This is obviously not ideal, as you don’t want to open your stored clothes only to find unwelcome guests have moved in. By dry cleaning, the clothes remain fresh and clean and thereby are less attractive to insects.

Get rid of stains

Do your winter garments have any lingering, stubborn stains that have refused to come out after multiple washes? If so, dry cleaning can help eliminate those tricky stains. Not only does dry cleaning allow you to get rid of any pre-existing stains on your clothes, it also allows for your winter garments to be ready for wear as soon as you pull them out of storage when winter strikes.

Dry cleaning services can truly help you store clothes as efficiently as possible. Instead of having to wash your clothes due to bugs, musty smells or lingering stains, dry cleaning your winter wardrobe before you stow it away for the summer ensures that your clothes will be fresh and ready for wear as soon as you unpack them.

We understand that switching out seasonal wardrobes is already time-consuming enough without having to wash your clothes yourself, both before and after you store them. Dry cleaning offers a much more lasting effect in comparison to simple laundering at home. Therefore, it’s possible to simplify the process by finding a reliable dry cleaning service to take care of all of your wardrobe cleaning needs before you store your winter wardrobe away for the summer.

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